Specialized has made the e-bike not only speedy and efficient transportation—they've made it fun and comfortable with the new Turbo Como 2.0.


We are proud to welcome Santa Cruz to Mellow Johnny's. Their innovation, commitment, and high standard of mountain bike performance is second to none.


We are proud to introduce Santa Cruz bikes to our inventory because they are committed to do one thing: build the best performance mountain bikes just the way they want to. The Hightower is a great example of this.


Pinarello is a bike company synonymous with quality, speed, craftsmanship, and class. They're passion for bike racing is proven out by a long list of Tour de France podiums past and present.


With new suspension that makes rough rides soft, Specialized has gotten even closer to road endurance bike perfection with the newest editions of the Roubaix and Ruby.


The go-to wheel the world has made changes in all the right places to make them faster, lighter, and more stable. And we've been selling lots of them.


The Moots Routt 45 is a super versatile, tough, fast and sublime bike. Depending on your daily dream, the Routt is your adventure bike, gravel grinder, or road warrior.


The SL Pro line gives you the best Specialized offers. It's a ready-to-race fit, premium fabrics throughout, thoughtful construction, and all of the performance you can dream of.


If you're looking to start exploring roads where you thought no road bike could ever go, then the Diverge A1 is the perfect bike to take you there.


Legendary bike crafter, Pinarello, is now at Mellow Johnny's. They bring unmatched design, technology, and passion to the road with stunning, race-proven bikes.


Specialized has you covered from pre-school to upper education when it comes to durable, versatile, and stellar kids' bikes. And with our trade up program, you don't worry about growth spurts.


The Sequoia is an adventure bike that is at home on the streets as it is in the wilderness. A picture of versatility and ruggedness, get ready to rack it out and explore.


A combination of wireless device connectivity, elegant software, intuitive interface, and realistic road feel makes the Kickr a revolutionary solution to one of our most unappealing activities--indoor training.


The Levo is one of those bikes you have to ride to believe. Specialized has taken the e-bike to new levels of performance, design, and fun.


The Specialized Alibi has just eliminated two significant barriers for many casual cyclists: flat tires and greasy maintenance. The Alibi's tires are always at pressure, and the chain doesn't rust. You just get on your bike and ride.


The S-Works Epic hardtail is arguably the lightest, fastest cross country hardtail ever. Taking lessons from their Tarmac breakthroughs, Specialized shaved weight, dialed geometry, and got really fast.


Specialized takes aluminum to a new level with the rough and ready Diverge Comp DSW, which features their exclusive welding technology that allows for the frame to be lighter and prepared for your rugged rides.


Our Satisfaction Guarantee is just one good reason to buy your bike from us. We want you to love your bike. That's why you can call do-over if you get home and you don't hit it off.


Our neighbor, Press Café, is quickly becoming a local favorite for both food and atmosphere. Serving a wide array of thoughtful and delicious fare, you can start early with breakfast burritos, oatmeal, and fruit, and continue through lunch and dinner with salads, burgers, sandwiches, steaks, and full bar, depending on your appetite and the time of day.


Saturday, October 5 was cool and sunny and a beautiful day to open the doors to the shop. The Mayor was there to lead a ride, as well as other groups pedaling from the Trailhead. Legacy Merch did live screen printing, Press Café served snacks, and craft beers and wine were flowing. See a gallery of photos from the day.


If off-road riding is your thing, you’re likely aware of the tubeless trend. Companies like Stan's NoTubes have advertisements in nearly every mountain bike magazine, many tire and rim manufacturers boast tubeless ready capability and nearly all higher-end mountain bikes come standard with tubeless compatible wheelsets installed.

So, what’s tubeless all about? Why make the conversion? Here are a just a few considerations:

1. Get Better Traction

Get ready for a smoother ride and the ability to maintain traction in rough terrain. The goal in biking is to keep the tire on the ground as much as possible - not bouncing off objects. While suspension does the majority of the work in absorbing impact and keeping the tires on the ground, tire pressure is the second most important factor. In a tubeless system, the ability to run a lower tire pressure means you can maintain more ground contact and the tire can wrap around objects. As an example, a 175lb rider running a 2.2” 29er tire can safely ride PSI in the mid-20s without a fear of losing control or...


Purchasing a custom bike can be a complicated process. Awesome, yes. But still overwhelming at times. There are simply so many things to decide upon. When buying a car you decide upon the model, color, and maybe 4 or 5 trim levels. A custom bicycle, on the other hand, has an almost infinite number of variables.

Just building up a set of wheels to go with your bike will require you to decide upon the hub, rim, spokes, spoke lacing, spoke count, spoke nipple type, tire style and size. It can get rather absurd.

And that’s not what this process should be about. A custom bike is a reward. It’s something motivating, exciting and unique. An expression of your love of cycling.

Since our opening in 2008 we’ve done a brisk business in custom bikes. We’re lucky enough to have very good sales people, a very good service staff, and thanks to our partnership with Pedal Hard Training Center, very good bike fitters. This perfect storm makes Mellow Johnny’s one of the best places to go if you’re considering a custom...


Skratch nutrition products took the world by storm a few years back. Created by a PHD nutritionist who worked with the pro cycling peloton, Skratch is the inevitable conclusion of years of research and real world testing.

While things seem simple on the surface, nutrition for athletes is a highly complex science. Not only does your food need to be palatable, it also needs to provide balanced energy, be absorbed quickly, and cause little to no gastrointestinal distress. That's a big ask.

Enter the Skratch Fruit Drop. It's checks all these boxes, comes in two flavors (Orange and Raspberry), and is backed by a ridiculous amount of science.

To read the full white pages on this product click here.

Or if your feeling a bit wild, skip the article and pick up a pouch before your next ride. Like all Skratch products, these have a subtle, not overly sweet taste that our customers appreciate.


The short answer here is, "Probably more often than you think." A bike chains job is to transfer every watt of power from your cranks to your back wheel, and that's a big undertaking. With performance bikes becoming lighter, and cassettes offering more gears in the same amount of spacing (i.e thinner chains), it's not uncommon for heavier riders to wear through a chain in as little as 1,000 miles. That's just a few months for someone who rides every weekend.

Rider weight, terrain, even wheel size and chainstay length can all affect the life expectancy of your chain so it's hard for us to set an exact mileage number for replacement.

Although there is no cut and dry length of time a road bike chain will last, there are several tools to measure chain wear, and some easy ways to extend your chains life. The best way is to maintain a clean and lubricated drivetrain. This means cleaning the grime off of your chain, and lubricating it every three or four rides. We love Rock & Roll Road chainlube, and a small bottle will easily last six months.


Oakley glasses are ubiquitous in the peloton. Seen at essentially every cycling event in the world. This is a company that has innovated and improved upon its product, to become the recognized leader of sports eyewear. Not just in the field of cycling, but across all categories.

With the introduction of the Prizm lens, Oakley has taken their technology a step further. These cycling specific Prizm lenses produce a higher contrast image, allowing a rider to see imperfections in the road that would normally not appear.


A home repair stand is a great addition to any garage or bike room. Not only does it provide a secure platform for mechanical work, a bike stand also makes your everyday biking life that much nicer. Changing tires, adjusting derailleurs and lubing your chain is no longer an exercise in frustration.

No more tire marks on the wall.

No more knuckle bashing or awkward positions.

We like both the durability and simplicity of the Feedback Sports Classic Work Stand. The lightweight aluminum construction supports up to 85 lbs, and folds for storage. In addition, the adjustable height is easily controlled through a series of quick release cams. This is a product we keep in stock and a great gift for someone who works on their own bikes, or is an avid rider.


For a limited time, we're offering the Team Tune service for just $150—regular price $225. Don't miss this chance to get your bike rolling smooth.


As most seasoned riders know, proper layering for winter riding is something of an art form. Highly debated subjects, like our epic Knee Warmers Vs. Leg Warmer debate of 2013 take place in bike shops around the globe, and each rider slowly fine tunes their winter gear over the course of a few seasons to suit their particular needs.

We've cobbled together a simple chart outlining what gear we recommend based upon temperature ranges, and are happy to discuss any of these at length. Just remember that these are suggestions based upon our experience, and can change based upon a variety of conditions. We know that people in Minnesota commute in negative temperatures on the regular. As Texans we can hardly wrap our collective heads around that. Anyone who lives above 40 degrees latitude feel free to adjust the degree scale as necessary.


Shop online this holiday and we will ship it domestically for free until Christmas. This applies to everything but bikes, via USPS. Shop now!


Have a cyclist on your gift list? We'll make it easy for you to be a hero this holiday with gifts for you two-wheeled loved ones. Clothing, tools, parts, and lots of cool to make people joyous. Many items are available online, so check for a link.


Join Mellow Johnny’s Fort Worth as we "Gear Up to End Hunger”! More than just a bike ride. this event is a movement to make a difference in the lives of hungry North Texans.




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