No Flats. No Maintenance. No Worries.

The Specialized Alibi has just eliminated two significant barriers for many casual cyclists: flat tires and greasy maintenance. The Alibi's tires are always at pressure, and the chain doesn't rust. You just get on your bike and ride.

The Alibi is ready to roll whenever you are. It has an anti-rust chain that removes the need for dirty, grimy maintenance and puncture-proof, airless tires. You heard right, these tires don't need any pumping and they'll never go flat. As for the ride, the Alibi has a wide range of gears for most terrain, plus supportive Body Geometry grips and saddle that are designed specifically for women.

The Frame

The hard-working & sturdy A1 Premium Aluminum frame is light and durable, and it also features rack and fender mounts for easy portage and dry riding in wet conditions. You'll also find that it's engineered with our Fitness Geometry, meaning that you’ll go fast with maximum efficiency, but without the discomfort of an aggressive ride position. After all, the more comfortable you are, the longer you’ll ride.

The Anti-Rust Chain

The Alibi’s anti-rust chain keeps rolling smoothly, even after a couple of confrontations with the elements, so you can spend more time riding and less time fixing.

The Tires that Never Flat

There’s never a good time for a puncture, which is why the Nimbus Airless tires feature a puncture-proof core, offering incredible traction without the hassle of changing a tube.


The Alibi is available in several models depending upon your needs. The Sport and focuses on comfort and fitness, with a triple chainring, 8 speed gear range for tackling any terrain. It comes in a step through version, pictured above, for more accessibility. The entry Alibi is a bit more chill at $475, with a 7 speed, single ring drive train.

alibi sport.jpeg



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