Pinarello is Here

Legendary bike crafter, Pinarello, is now at Mellow Johnny's. They bring unmatched design, technology, and passion to the road with stunning, race-proven bikes.

We are an official Pinarello dealer and the only place in Fort Worth you'll find these one of a kind bikes. We certainly invite you in for a sneak peak of some of the bikes we have ready, like the Dogma F8 and the new F10. But stay tuned and please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to talk more about scheduling a fit on one of these amazing bikes.

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Dogma F10

When the Dogma F8 appeared on the road, we thought we saw perfection in motions. It is able to integrate aerodynamics and weight with comfort, stability and responsiveness. For this it won numerous awards, not to mention its fair share of bike races. Some said it could not be surpassed. But not Fausto Pinarello and his team.

Enter the F10.

The F10 takes all of the best elements of the F8, and adds further gains like aerodynamics, stiffness and weight.

Through extensive research, Pinarello reshaped the down tube, decreasing drag by 12.6% according to their Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis. By reshaping the dropout of the front fork they were able to reduce resistance on the fork by 10%.

Aerodynamic advantages are enhanced by greater stability as a result of their focus on asymmetrical tubing designs as well as their unique blend of carbon fiber and carbon fiber reinforced polymer, which when optimized offer increased stiffness and responsiveness at light weights. Overall, the combination makes the Dogma F10 6.3% lighter and 7% stiffer, an amazing evolutionary step considering the inherent mastery of the Dogma F8.

We offer Pinarello the Dogma F10 in 13 sizes and multiple colorways, as well as component choices. Call or come by to explore the Dogma F10.

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Dogma F8

The Dogma F8 (the name takes the ‘F’ from company president Fausto Pinarello and is the 8th iteration of the Dogma) is every inch the Pro Tour bike. To start with, it’s lighter than its predecessor, with 120g having been shaved off to make this frame a svelte (claimed) 860g for a size 54cm. But that weight saving appears to have been an unexpected bonus, as the key driver for the project was to increase speed.

The goal was to create a new, fast, bike. Aerodynamics was not the priority, as ride quality and handling were at the top of the list.

The improved aerodynamics has been the result of a partnership with Jaguar, made possible by the two brands’ involvement with Team Sky. The design drew heavily on Jaguar’s computational fluid dynamics capabilities, and specifically a system called ‘Exa PowerFLOW Aerodynamic Simulation’. The result? 6.5% less drag that its predecessor.

As well as the reduced weight and lower drag, the stiffness of the F8 has also been increased when compared to the already impressively stiff Dogma 65.1. It's a true race bike.

The Dogma F8 is a fast bike. It's intimate connection to the road, in addition to response and aerodynamics combine to give you a racehorse.

The Ride

Thanks to its aggressive geometry and stiff construction, it corners and it carves any lines with accuracy. It descends without fault.

This bike set the standard, and Pinarello will use the F8 to measure their next venture.



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